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                    2019-07-01 17:05:25 優秀作文 來源:http://www.bookcoversale.com 瀏覽:

                    導讀: 中國考試網,小學作文,范文文檔,大學宿舍,大學學費,中考資訊,高考錄取查分,考研,自考,成考,小升初,英語,招聘,美術高考,日記大全,板報設計,  春天來了,萬物復蘇,一切充滿生氣,是個令人神往的季節。下面是中國招生考試網為大家帶來的春天研究生英語作文,希望能幫助到大家!  ,春天研究生英語作文...



                      Spring is the first season in the year. In our country, it lasts from March to May. In spring, the weather is comfortable, but it changes a lot. It rains sometimes. Many things come into life in spring. The trees turn green. People like to go outdoors to have fun. Besides, farmers are busy in spring, because it’s time for them to plant crops. All people are preparing for the whole year.


                      What’s my favourite season? Let me tell you.My favourite season is spring. Spring is a lovely season, I think. There is a garden behind my house. In spring, the trees become green and the flowers give off fragrance(芳香). There are many butterflies and bees over the flowers. The butterflies are dancing and the bees are singing. Sometimes it rains. It usually rains quietly. The rain moistens(滋潤) the trees and the flowers. I think they may say, “We’re very thirsty. The rain is very good. It can help us.” What a beautiful scene! Don’t you think so? And what about your favourite season,could you tell me?


                      Connect don't know when to step into our world, winter elder sister also don't know what time out of our world, their arrival and departure, make the world a big change.

                      The earth, and the voice gave it a green quilted jacket, and see the grass out in succession, shake your body, stretch, bleary-eyed looked at the new world, connect back to the earth with colorful patterns, biltong flowers come out from the earth, one, two, one, two do morning exercises. Red, yellow, purple, colorful, full, as long as the endless woven brocades, as bright as sky glow, as gorgeous as high altitude of the rainbow.

                      Banks of the river, connect to give it a few soldiers, to the growth of the willow hits the ground, swinging its beautiful long hair, long hair on the small bud out slowly, watching the new world, that the green color, bright, shining our eyes, seems to have a new life on every leaf in fibrillation. With strength of roots, branches, holding a bud, insist teeth.

                      Streams, connect to give it a cheerful melody, drumming ding-ding, can listen, a stream of throat singing loudly, and streams on the bottom, you can see the bottom of gravel, the sand and underwater called sweet songs on the rhythm of a standard. , here is very steep, as to the mountain streams, sometimes wide, sometimes narrow, sometimes slow, sometimes nasty, creek is sometimes transform tone.

                      Spring is beautiful, is a vibrant, flowers, what a season of a year the four seasons can be comparable to the full of spring?


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