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                    2018-05-11 17:41:22 編輯:小婷婷 來源:http://www.bookcoversale.com 知識 瀏覽:

                    導讀:   學習是一個邊學新知識邊鞏固的過程,以下是中國招生考試網www.bookcoversale.com 分享的初中英語口語大全,希望能幫助到大家!  初中英......

                      學習是一個邊學新知識邊鞏固的過程,以下是中國招生考試網www.bookcoversale.com 分享的初中英語口語大全,希望能幫助到大家!


                      Hello Friend!

                      Hey, man, good to see you. 嗨,幸會。

                      Good to see you too, I think. 幸會……,大概。

                      Good afternoon, sir. 下午好,先生。

                      At ease. 休息。

                      Good evening, how are you? 晚安,你好嗎?

                      Hello, Randy. Is he going to be taken care of? 喂,藍迪,你肯把那家伙收拾掉嗎?

                      Sure thing, boss. All in a day's work. 當然,頭,這是家常便飯。

                      Hi, Joe! 嗨,喬!

                      Hello, Tom, what's happening? 你好,湯姆,怎么啦?

                      Morning, Alice. 早上好,愛麗斯!

                      Bye! Have a good day. 再見!請慢走!

                      Bye! 再見啦!

                      Good morning, dear. 早,親愛的。


                      一、 Greetings 問候語

                      1. Hello! / Hi! 你好!

                      2. Good morning / afternoon / evening! 早晨(下午/晚上)好!

                      3. I'm Kathy King. 我是凱西·金。

                      4. Are you Peter Smith? 你是彼得·史密斯嗎?

                      5. Yes, I am. / No, I'm not. 是,我是。/ 不,我不是。

                      6. How are you? 你好嗎?

                      7. Fine, thanks. And you? 很好,謝謝,你呢?

                      8. I'm fine, too. 我也很好。

                      9. How is Amy / your wife / your husband? 愛米好嗎?/你妻子好嗎?/你丈夫好嗎?

                      10. She is very well, thank you. 她很好,謝謝。

                      11. Good night, Jane. 晚安,簡。

                      12. Good-bye, Mike. 再見,邁克。

                      13. See you tomorrow. 明天見。

                      14. See you later. 待會兒見。

                      15. I have to go now. 我必須走了。

                      二、Expression In Class 課堂用語

                      16. May I come in? 我能進來嗎?

                      17. Come in, please. 請進。

                      18. Sit down, please. 請坐。

                      19. It's time for class. 上課時間到了。

                      20. Open your books and turn to page 20. 打開書,翻到第20頁。

                      21. I'll call the roll before class. 課前我要點名。

                      22. Here! 到!



                      You are really a rare visitor。


                      What you said sounded reasonable。


                      I am really slow-minded。


                      You made me confused。


                      You deserved it。


                      There is no way out。


                      Don't give yourself too much pressure。


                      Just say it。


                      It's not easy to explain in several words。


                      Nothing serious. It’s up to me。

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