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                    2019-07-23 10:30:29 編輯:小婷婷 來源:http://www.bookcoversale.com 英語資源 瀏覽:

                    導讀:   保護環境,人人有責。讓我們從現在做起,從自己做起,從小事做起,愛護我們身邊的一草一木,為保護環境建設我們美好的的家園作出自己的 ...



                      Good environment can make people feel happy and fit 。 To improve the environment means to improve our life。

                      We should plant more trees and flowers around us 。 We shouldn’t cut them down 。 We should stop factories from pouring waste water into the river and waste gas into the air。

                      Whenever we see litter on the ground , we should pick it up and throw it into dusbins。 Never spit in public。 Don’t draw on public walls。 It’s our duty to protect the environment。


                      Protect the environment, early in "don't dry up the fish, don't burn the forest and hunt" the ancient training. Today, we should know how to protect the environment is to protect ourselves, we not only use resources rationally, whenever they better protect the environment, let environment eternal youth, always service for our human survival and development, as a student, is now mainly to create a green campus.

                      For a while, there was a lot of dust on the campus, and the faucet was dripping... Corridor between, not to mention the, everyone has experience, after the sweeping, turn round and then will find that the ground has been some people into different ornament, these things often let me hanging with ancient, these cases often let me deadly serious today, the campus is a small society, students in the campus of a management system cannot achieve good care environment, out of the campus into society, the environment, and how? That would be even more unassuming.

                      Boys and girls, save our planet! People should act immediately and start from the small things, starting from now, and taking care of the campus environment. We picked up a piece of paper, a drop of water, we save, a heap of rubbish, we clean the, we love a tree seedlings, a frog, a blade of grass, plant a tree, the environmental protection as own duty, use own practical action to protect the environment, to create a green campus.

                      For the green, for the green, "with my hands, with my cordiality, the green hope will go on, let us act together!


                      We talk about protecting the environment every day, but have you done it? We talk about maintaining urban health every day, but there's still a lot of rubbish piled up. What's going on here? It's because people say they don't do it, they say they love the environment, but they're still throwing trash on the ground. But xiao Ming and xiao hong are good role models for the environment. Let's see!

                      In the evening, after school, xiao Ming and xiao hong saw a trash can on the sidewalk, and there was a lot of rubbish in front of them. When xiao hong was about to pick up, xiao Ming stopped her and said, "we don't care if so many stinky garbage people don't care."

                      "No, no. Although others no matter, but we are young pioneers! Young pioneers should take good care of the environment, or we live up to the bright red scarf?" "Ok!" "Said xiao Ming helplessly. So they started to pick up the garbage from the ground.

                      After a while, they cleaned out the trash. Then xiao hong suddenly noticed that xiao Ming was gone. He looked around and saw that xiao Ming was lying on the ground and writing something. "What are you doing on the ground, xiao Ming?" Cried the little red. "I want to write words on the trash can, to get people to care for the environment. Write" no littering ", feeling too directly; write 'everybody is responsible for protecting the environment, feeling a little too cliche, can't attract the attention of people. You say me what should I write?" Just as xiao Ming asked xiao hong, he saw xiao hong washing the trash. She ignored the dirty, smelly garbage can, took out her handkerchief from her schoolbag, and then wiped the dust off the trash can. Xiao Ming shine at the moment, came up with a word, the little red straight nod, two people come up with scissors and tape, will note on the garbage can, packed my things and went home happily. The original paper says: civilization, only one step!

                      What do you think of the story above? Let's act together to protect our environment and protect our homeland


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