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                    2019-04-18 10:01:32 編輯:小婷婷 來源:http://www.bookcoversale.com 英語資源 瀏覽:

                    導讀:   我們都很清楚父母與子女關系在家庭關系當中扮演著重要的角色,不僅是一座建立代際信任和連接的橋梁,也會給孩子個人的成長帶來深遠和微 ...



                      How to best handle the relationship between parents and children?

                      Nowadays, a wide-spread phenomenon occur frequently that parents make a lot of decisions for their children, even for most critical issues of their life, such as education, work or even marriage. Though many parents regard their children as the apple of their eye, they have no enough knowledge how to best handle the relationship with their children.

                      We may find several reasons to explain this phenomenon above. First of all, parents, with their former life experience, always think that they are able to make a better decision than teenagers do. Next, they pay too much attention to their only child in the family without caring for their children’s feeling. What’s more, they assert the only way to realize their unfulfilled dreams is letting their children do things that they want them to.

                      How to solve such serious problems? To begin with, parents should adapt some strategic changes in children education. They should consciously develop their children’s capabilities to think on their own. In addition, children should cope with the difficulties they encounter independently and may also search for parents’ necessary guide only at critical moments.

                      Positive parent-child bonds foster autonomy, curiosity, self-esteem and better decision-making skills. So let’s take actions to improve parent-child relationship before it’s too late.


                      A good parent-children relationship should be set up on the basis mutual understanding and respect. Parents can not impose their ideas on their children. They should treat their children as independent individual. It is advisable for the parents to learn to listen to children’s ideas and encourage them to think on their own rather than decide everything for the children. On the other hand, children should listen to their parents’ advice for they’re more experienced. Try to be understanding when there is disagreement with parents. Always keep one thing in min---whatever they do comes from their love for us. It is necessary children to exchange ideas with parents from time to time so that the gap between parents and children will be narrowed.


                      As we widely know that the relationship between parents and children plays a significant role in the domestic relationship, which not only serves as crucial bridge to build trust and connection between two generations but also exerts a profound and subtle influence toward to children’s personal growth.

                      In order to strengthen the relationship, it is imperative to cultivate the respect between generations, which not only includes the respect to parents from children but also the other way around. Furthermore, it is sensible for the parents to spend more time on the company with their children, enhancing the affection between each other. Finally, it is wise for the parents to set an example rather than make demands, enabling the children to follow and achieve spiritual development.

                      To sum up, the sound relationship between two generations requires the integration of numerous measures derived from the joint effort of parents, children and schools.


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