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                    導讀: 英語必修一reading錄音下載(共1篇)...


                    英語必修一Unit 1 reading課


                    II. Join the correct parts of the sentences. 1. Anne kept a diary because A. She couldn’t meet her friends. 2. She felt very lonely because B. Jews were caught by Nazis and put away. 3. They have to hide because C. She could tell everything to it. 4. Anne named her diary Kitty because D. They were discovered. 5. They were finally caught because E. She thought it was her best friend.

                    III. Read the passage again and fill in the following form:


                    IV. The main idea of the reading passage:


                    The passage tells us why Ann made a _________ her best friend and shows us one page in her ______.【英語必修一reading錄音下載】

                    V. Try to fill in the blanks without referring to the text.


                    For example, one evening when it was so warm, I stayed awake 1._______________ until half past eleven 2._______________ have a good look at the moon by myself. But as the moon gave far too much light, I didn’t dare open a window. Another time five months ago, I happened to be upstairs 3._______________ when the window was open. I didn’t go 4._______________ until the window had to be shut. The dark, rainy evening, the wind, the 5._______________ clouds held me 6._______________ in their 7._______________; it was 8._______________ in a year and a half 9._______________ I’d seen the night 10._______________.

                    VI. Homework

                    1. Write a short passage to introduce Anne.


                    2. Have a try! Just do it! 孤立地記憶單詞,那是呆板的,枯燥的;而在句子個學習單詞,則是靈活的,有趣的。請在課余時間背誦一下吧!

                    1) Anne Frank suffered from loneliness because she could no longer go to play outdoors after her family settled in a hiding place. Sometimes she stayed awake on purpose until midnight in order to have a good look at the moon through the dusty curtains. She was eager to experience the power of nature and listen to the thunder.

                    2) At dusk, a German was walking his dog in a park of Amsterdam, Netherlands when it got loose and was hit by a car. He had got to take the dog to the vet.

                    3) When your friend is going through some difficulties, never ignore it. You should be concerned about him. For example, when he comes to school very upset, you’d better talk face to face with your friend and calm him down.


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