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                    2015-07-06 14:28:27 英語聽力 來源:http://www.bookcoversale.com 瀏覽:

                    導讀: ★中國招生考試網 http: www chinazhaokao com)英語聽力頻道為大家整理的高中英語聽力訓練含mp3,供大家參考。更多閱讀請查看本站英語聽 ...

                    ★中國招生考試網 http://www.bookcoversale.com)英語聽力頻道為大家整理的高中英語聽力訓練含mp3,供大家參考。更多閱讀請查看本站英語聽力頻道。



                    1.What do you suppose the woman is?

                    A.A computer engineer.B.A policewoman.

                    C.A doctor.

                    2.What do you think the woman can most probably be?

                    A.A restaurant waitress.B.A shop assistant.

                    C.A school teacher.

                    3.Who is Mr King?

                    A.An actor. B.A director.

                    C.A scene designer.

                    4.What is the relationship between the speakers?

                    A.Salesman and customer.

                    B.Husband and wife.

                    C.Doctor and patient.

                    5.What is the relationship between the speakers?

                    A.Teacher and student.

                    B.Doctor and patient.

                    C.Waitress and customer.




                    6.What will the two speakers most probably do tomorrow?

                    A.Go shopping together.

                    B.Stay home and have a rest.

                    C.Have a picnic.

                    7.Why does the man urge the woman to open the door quickly?

                    A.Because someone indoors is anxious to see him soon.

                    B.Because the packages he’s holding are extraordinarily heavy.

                    C.Because they’ll get the air tickets to catch the plane.

                    8.Where is the key to the door in actual fact?

                    A.In the woman’s purse.

                    B.On the table in the kitchen.

                    C.In the man’s pocket.


                    9.What kind of room does the man want?

                    A.A double room with a bathroom.

                    B.A single room with a bathroom.

                    C.Three single rooms.

                    10.How long does the man want to stay?

                    A.Two nights.B.Three nights.

                    C.One night.

                    11.What will the man do after the conversation?

                    A.Take a double room in the hotel.

                    B.Take a room with a private bathroom.

                    C.Go to another hotel. 相關熱詞搜索:高中英語聽力訓練mp3 高中英語必修1聽力mp3


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