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                    2015-07-06 14:28:02 英語聽力 來源:http://www.bookcoversale.com 瀏覽:

                    導讀: ★中國招生考試網 http: www chinazhaokao com)英語聽力頻道為大家整理的星火英語聽力下載:關于人類同情心的研究,供大家參考。更多閱讀 ...

                    ★中國招生考試網 http://www.bookcoversale.com)英語聽力頻道為大家整理的星火英語聽力下載:關于人類同情心的研究,供大家參考。更多閱讀請查看本站英語聽力頻道。

                    Learning Sympathy

                    A big part of being human is feeling sympathy, but just how early on in our lives we learn this is something that scientists would like to know.

                    From Self-Awareness To Other-Awareness

                    Behavioral scientists know that newborns respond to the emotional states of other people, by crying when other babies cry. However, babies can’t distinguish between themselves and others — shown by recognizing themselves in a mirror — until they’re eighteen to twenty months old. Toddlers also start to show concern for others around this time.

                    Kids also begin to do things like comfort other people at about this age. By the time they’re three, most children will try to protect a victim from a bully in a fight. But how do kids go from the infant stage, crying when others cry, to the protecting stage of later childhood?

                    Blue Ball Vs. Yellow Cube

                    To find out, researchers from Kyoto University, and Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan, designed a program to test for signs of sympathy in ten-month olds. In the video, a blue ball chases a yellow cube around the screen, repeatedly pushing and hitting it.

                    After the babies watched the video, they tended to reach out and try to touch the yellow cube victim, a sign of sympathy. When the bully became the victim, babies still reached out for the object that got hurt.

                    However, some researchers think that babies might just be attracted to an object that moves differently in videos such as these. So the matter of exactly when sympathy may develop is still up for debate.




                    同時,兒童大約在這一時間段開始做出類似安慰他人的舉動。等到他們三歲的時候,大多數孩子會在打斗中嘗試從欺負人者手中保護受害者。可是孩子是如何從別人哭自己也哭的 相關熱詞搜索:星火英語聽力下載 星火英語四級聽力下載


                    3、"星火英語聽力下載:關于人類同情心的研究" 地址:http://www.bookcoversale.com/yingyu/yingyutingli/2275.html,復制分享給你身邊的朋友!
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