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                    [轉貼]非常, 很, 極其”的英文表達法

                    2015-07-06 14:30:44 英語視頻 來源:http://www.bookcoversale.com 瀏覽:

                    導讀: 非常, 很, 極其”的英文表達法  相信大家都會有這樣的經歷: 每每用英語表達一些很一般的概念時, 我們總會立刻想起某個表達法 例如: ...

                    非常, 很, 極其”的英文表達法

                      相信大家都會有這樣的經歷: 每每用英語表達一些很一般的概念時, 我們總會立刻想起某個表達法. 例如: 想說"很"時,立刻想到了very或very much; 想說"大"時, 則用big或large.這樣的一一對應, 大大減弱了英語寫作的豐富性和生動性.

                      于是這些最先為我們想到的表達法, 便成了我們提高英語水平的羈絆. 如果我們能把這些最常用概念的英語表達歸類, 總結, 貧乏的英語表達便會渙然一新.

                    在英語中用來表達"極其, 非常, 很"的方式有26種:
                    1) most
                    (used for giving force)
                    a. (to an adjective) very
                    It really is most annoying.
                    b.(to an adverb) quite; very
                    Whatever happens, I shall most certainly attend the meeting.
                    most只能修飾具有主觀意見或感情色彩的形容詞和副詞, 表示"非常, 很"的概念.我們可以說 most certainly, 但不能說most tall 或 most quick

                    2) awfully adv.
                    infml (used to give more force to an expression) very
                    awfully cold, awfully nice
                    I am awfully sorry for it.

                    3) badly adv.
                    (與"want", "need"連用) a great deal; very much
                    They want help badly.
                    He is badly in need of a haircut.

                    4) more than ...
                    fml, to a degree at which "..." is no longer a strong enough
                    or suitable word. 與中文的"無以名狀"差不多
                    We were more than happy to hear of your escape.
                    I think his offer is more than fair.

                    5) ever so/such
                    infml. esp. BrE very
                    It's ever so cold.
                    She's ever such a nice girl.

                    6) immensely adv.
                    apprec very much
                    I enjoyed it immensely.

                    7) much adv.
                    to a great degree
                    I don't much like that idea.
                    I'm much surprised to hear that.

                    8) mighty adv.
                    infml. very
                    It was a mighty good meal, and everyone enjoyed it.

                    9) highly adv.
                    (esp. before adjectives made from verbs) to a high degree; very
                    highly pleased, highly skilled, highly interesting, highly
                    This is a highly amusing film.

                    10) greatly adv.
                    (with verb forms, esp. the past p.)
                    to a large degree; very
                    greatly moved by his kindnes
                    greatly to be feared
                    We are greatly obliged to you for your help.

                    11) mortally adv.
                    very greatly; deeply
                    She is mortally afraid of walking home alone on a
                    dark night.
                    He is mortally 相關熱詞搜索:英文數字表達法 英文時間表達法


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