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                    2015-07-06 14:10:47 英語口語 來源:http://www.bookcoversale.com 瀏覽:

                    導讀: 以下是中國招生考試網 http: www chinazhaokao com)整理的《日常英語口語900句:談經濟》,希望大家喜歡!我國的經濟正在飛速發展。The ...

                    以下是中國招生考試網 http://www.bookcoversale.com)整理的《日常英語口語900句:談經濟》,希望大家喜歡!

                    The economy in our country is booming.


                    The government has adopted many measures to promote the economy.


                    We are living a better life now and we are no longer short of money, so we can afford whatever we want.


                    I feel the quality of life has improved greatly.

                    There will be more and more people living a well-to-do life.


                    The rural workforce has been flowing into the cities in recent years.


                    Economic globalization is a universal trend.


                    There is a long way to go in the economy development.


                    I believe our country will become a developed one in 20 years.


                    Wecome to this country. You are gonna love it.

                    Yeah, it's a great country, and it develops very fast.

                    You konw, there have been great changes during the past 20 years. I experienced for myself, it's amazing and marvelous.

                    There is a lot of reports about this in my country.

                    When I was a child,few families had household appliances and acted to be extremely frugal in the daily lives. At that time, few people thought about the future because every body was struggling to make a living. But now, as you can see our lives become so abundant and colorful.

                    I'm very glad that I got a chance to work here for 5 years.

                    I really can't imagine what kind of changes will happen during this period.

                    I can't either.

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